I miss Weddings.

One of many unfortunate byproducts of the COVID lockdown is the abandonment of large gatherings/weddings. Hopefully, they will return soon. Because I miss the dancing.

I love to dance. Most people love to dance, they just say that they don’t or are too embarrassed to cut a rug. But deep down inside, with the right blend of tunes n’ booze — they will move that booty.

I love weddings.

I love to dance at weddings.

My wedding. Your wedding. A strangers wedding.

Any wedding, I’m in.

The awesome magic of a good wedding reception. The wedding dance floor is a mixture of people, all ages, sizes, coordination and ability — enjoying the music and busting a move in unison. The dance floor is an incredible place. It’s my happy place.

Once that circle develops, with people clapping in unison, some with props or sunglasses at night, encouraging Aunt Bee to break it down. Give me “Billy Jean,” “Ice Ice Baby,” anything from Tupac, and bam — I’m in the middle of that circle, dancing to the beat with fast feet, sweating like a Yeti, and loving every minute.

It’s not always happy, as I once pulled a hamstring doing the splits in the wedding circle. Passed out because of the pain. But left it all out there.

Rule #76 — No excuses, play like a Champion.

Husband. Father. Sales Leader. Connector. Med Sales Guy.